1. 3GUN.pl is a shop dedicated for all shooters.


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3. There are two ways you can place an order with us.‎ ‏After you have registered on our website,‭ add the items of your choice to your shopping cart and then choose preferred shipping and payment methods before proceeding to check out. You can also place an order by contacting us directly on telephone no. ‬+48600141878. We speak Polish and English.

4. Shipping is made at the full expense of the purchaser.‎ ‏We ship via DPD or Polish Postal service.‭ You can check‬ the shipping cost at any time by adding items to your shopping cart and choosing the shipping method‭ - there is no need to log ‬in for that. Most MTS targets ship for 0EUR as they already has shipping cost included in their price.

Currently we are able to accept payments via:

‎‏Bank wire transfer


Our bank account details are as follows:


REAL STEEL Sp. z o.o.‬
ul.‭ Gdańska 141/11‬
85-022‭ Bydgoszcz‬
BRE Bank SA Oddział Bankowości Detalicznej
nr rach.:‭ 38 1140 2017 0000 4702 0815 0437


We are entitled to cancel an order,‭ if payment is not made within 14 days of placing that order. The cost of a parcel th‬at has been refused without giving a reasonable explanation remains outstanding on your customer account.

7.‎ ‏Items and prices appearing on our website are subject to change.‭ We reserve the right to remove or discontinue any product in our offer as well as change its price at any time without notice. Prices showed on our website are VAT inclusive.

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10.‎ ‏Our online store is opened‭ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Therefore a situation may occur that the product you have ordered had already been sold out earlier on the day. This is an extremely rare situation but impossible for us to predict or avoid at times and we apologize for all the inconvenience it may cause. Should the situation occur, we will contact you before any other possible items from your order have been shipped.

11.‎ ‏Specifications,‭ descriptions and suggested use for any of the items on our website are provided for general information only. While we would like them to be as truthful and accurate as possible, occasionally mistakes may appear, therefore no claim can be made based on the product info found on our website.

12.‎ ‏Personal data provided by you is used solely for the purpose of processing your order.‭ We do not give access to your personal details to any third parties. We r‬egret to inform you that we will not be able to process your order if you refuse to provide the required information.

13.‎ ‏Unwanted items can be returned to us within‭ 1‬4‭ days of arriving. Products you wish to return have to be complete, unused, unbroken and originally packaged. Please contact us before you make any returns. All of the shipping costs are covered by the purchaser.

14.‎ ‏We reserve the right to refuse returned item if there are any indications that the item had been used,‭ disassembled, broken or is incomplete. We will not accept "collect on delivery" shipments. ‬Please use only prepaid postage method when returning an item.

15.‎ ‏Items which had been assembled prior to shipping or made on custom order are not subject to refund or exchange.

16.‎ ‏Color or hue of any item presented on the images across our website may vary from the actual item.

17.‎ ‏Periods of delivery are non-binding.‭ Subject responsible for on-term delivery is the shipping company. We do not‬ take responsibility for shipment delays or any inconvenience they may cause. When your parcel is late please contact us we will be happy to assist.

18.‎ ‏The purchaser is required to check the contents of the shipment before signing for it.‭ In case of receiving an incomplete or otherwise inadequate order a protocol form has to be filled out in presence of the delivery person. This is the only acceptable grounds for refund claim.

19.‎ ‏If an item ordered from us requires maintenance,‭ you will be reque‬sted to contact us before shipping it back.

20.‎ ‏The email address given upon registration will automatically be added to our newsletter database.‭ By registering on our website you agree to receive the promotional information about new arrivals in our o‬nline store.

21.‎ ‏We claim the right to limit or refuse service to any person or entity for any reason without giving any explanation.

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