nowość DAA LYNX Belt

- new generation of shooting belt

- linked construction is very stiff in vertical axis holding gear tightly yet it will not create any tension in horizontal plane giving the shooter comfort and freedom of motion

- belt folds easily for convenient transport

- belt buckle allows for 4.5cm of adjustment

- works with all DAA pouches and holsters 

- link size: width 33mm, height 38.7mm, thickness 8.8mm

- links available in 9 colours: black, grey, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple

- set contains: buckle, steel pin 50pcs., pin tool, inner belt, links (amount depending on choosen size):

32" - 25pcs.

34" - 27pcs.

36" - 28pcs.

38" - 30pcs.

40" - 31pcs.

42" - 33pcs.

44" - 34pcs.

46" - 36pcs.

- please specify amount of each colour in commnets section when ordering