MTS Poly Plate 150 Soft

Imagine that you take at once 10 plates instead of one with the same weight. 

nowość MTS Poly Plate 150 Soft

• plates made from elastic polymer material 

• size 150mm (6")

• projectile goes thru the plate and hits range bullet trap making flying bullet debris thing of the past

• works great with pistol, rimfire (recommended FMJ type bullet)

• will not work with rifle amunnition

• avaliable in two versions:

Soft - a bit more durable but not suitable for 22LR high velocity projectiles

Hard - works great with all pistol and 22LR amunition

• almost 10x lighter than steel with 0.18kg per plate


• Mix - a randomly selected colorful package of tiles

- weight: - fi150mm (0.160kg)
- pakiet 10szt (1.600kg)
- pakiet 5szt (0.800kg)