MTS U.S.T. Plus

MTS U.S.T. Universal Stand for Target is the most most versatile way to hold your paper target. Using movable blocks for wood sticks stand can be set up for papers from 5cm to 50cm width. Additonal pair of blocks allows you to mount multiple papers on single stand. Great for hostage/PT target scenarios popular in IPSC and IDPA.

MTS U.S.T. Plus

- frame and blocks for stick made from zinc coated steel
- 4 holes allows pining the frame to the ground
- blocks works perfectly with 3 to 3.4cm sticks easilly available in OBI etc. . .

- additional fixed holder for 4.5cm wood stick ideal for steel plate installation

- do not require any tools for set up
- flat construction makes transport easy
- set contains: 1 frame, 2pcs. or 4 pcs. of brackets
- sticks not included

- Made in Poland

- weight: - 2 uchwyty (5.000kg)
- 4 uchwyty (5.100kg)