MTS Plate Rack

Hit 6 plates, simly pull the cord again and you are ready to shot again. Great for training and commercial use.

nowość MTS Plate Rack

- made from heat threated AR500 steel

- designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting

- easy assembly without any tools

- each plate can be easilly adjusted

- target plates without any welds and bolts are very robust

- angled front beam directs all bullet fragment towards the earth

- unique rising system is very compact and efficient

- avaliable with optional base on wheels to help move the target around (works well on hard surfaces)

- Made in Poland

- weight: - 2x koło + 2x kwadrat + 2x trójkąt (57.000kg)
- 2x koło + 2x kwadrat + 2x trójkąt z podstawą na ko (73.000kg)
- 6x200mm (57.000kg)
- 6xfi200mm (57.000kg)
- 6xfi200mm + podstawa na kołach (73.000kg)