MTS Swing Pendulum

What will happen when you invert Swinger target?

nowość MTS Swing Pendulum

- inverted swinger target for paper targets, shooting clays or metal plates

- kit contains: legs 4pcs., leg adaptor 2pcs., bar, pendulum with bearings and counterweight, head options:

   * paper target: 400mm width head for 2 wood sticks, will accept paper target of width 180 to 460mm

   * 2xpaper target: 1000mm width head for 4 wood sticks, will accept multiple paper targets mounted directly to sticks or on additional

      cardboard screen

   * 150mm plate: head + arm + 150mm metal plate, all made from AR500, head has 3 holes to accept up to 3 arms

   * 2 shooting clays: head with two spring loaded holders for Standard shooting clays,

, metal plates or clays

- leg adaptors and metal plates (if selected) made from AR500 steel

- stand heigh 180cm, width 150cm

- easy assembly

- pendulum and heads are compatible with MTS Swing series targets

- legs and adaptors are compatible with MTS Scaffold series targets

- weight: - 1x płytka fi150mm (20.000kg)
- 2x płytka fi150mm (220000.000kg)
- 2x rzutka strzelecka Standard (18.000kg)
- 2x tarcza papierowa (18.000kg)
- 3x płytka fi150mm (24.000kg)
- tarcza papierowa (18.000kg)