MTS Swing Kit Double Paper

Swing series of targets represents the philosophy of MTS brand. Take common foot, leg and pendulum arm with counter weight. Now only by changing the head you can mount on your Swing single paper target, two paper targets, clays, metal plates or two paper targets on seperate pendulum.  The foot is also common with other MTS targets Drop, Reshoot, Quark and more.

MTS Swing Kit is easy to set up and transport and is the best way to implementing target movement into training.

nowość MTS Swing Kit Double Paper

- swinger for two paper targets

- kit contains: foot, leg 55cm, arm with bearings, paper target holder, optional MTS Prop for Swing activator, MTS Target Tool for assembly and adjustment (attached to target leg)

- paper holder (AR500) can be mounted perdicular or allong the swing arm
- arm (AR500) spins on sealed ball bearings

- target holder accepts majority of paper targets found in dynamic shooting disciplines

- 3-position of counter weight allows adjustment of speed and frequency characteristics
- construction can stand up the unintentional pistol hit (non magnum calibers)
- activator designed for pistol calibers only (non magnum calibers)
- activator works fine on various surfaces in outdoor enviroment
- comes appart easily with attached tools for convenient transport

- wood sticks can be bought here
- MTS Swing system can be easilly transformed by adding optional: clay holders, double paper add ons, additional swing arm, metal plates

- weight: - Swing Kit (15.900kg)
- Swing Kit + MTS Prop na linkę (17.500kg)
- Swing Kit + MTS Prop z płytką 200x200mm (20.300kg)