MTS Swing Clay X
nowość MTS Swing Clay X

- swinger for clay targets designed for shotgun

- kit contains: foot, leg 55cm, arm with bearings, bracket, arm with holder (1-2 pcs. depending of choosen option), optional MTS Prop for Swing activator, MTS Target Tool for assembly and adjustment (attached to target leg)

- spring and latch mechanism holds clays firmly and is well protected for accidental hit

- base, swing arm, bracket and clay holders made from AR500 steel

- arm spins on sealed ball bearings

- 3-position of counter weight allows adjustment of speed and frequency characteristics
- activator works fine on various surfaces in outdoor enviroment
- comes appart easily without any tools for convenient transport

- MTS Swing system can be easilly transformed by adding optional: clay holders, double paper add ons, additional swing arm, metal plates

- Made in Poland

- weight: - 1x rzutka strzelecka Standard (12.000kg)
- 2x rzutka strzelecka Standard (14.000kg)