MTS Monkey Double Swing

Swinger madness are the only words we can describe this target.

nowość MTS Monkey Double Swing

- swinger target with two paper target holders

- when target is set on small secondary swinger arm its speed and technical difficulty is unmatched by any other swinger target

- can also be set with additional target on main swing arm with secondary working as PT target or as a classic swinger with target mounted to main arm

- kit contains: foot, leg, complete swinger arm with bearings and additional arm with bearings and counterweight, two paper target holders

- foot and paper target holder are made from AR500 steel
- both arms spins on sealed ball bearings
- construction can stand up the unintentional pistol hit (non magnum calibers)
- comes appart easily for convenient transport, wrench for assembly and adjustment is attached to inside of leg

- Made in Poland