MTS Bobber Paper Target

"Bobber" - The name perfectly reflects the principle of the target s operation; when activated, it sets the target or plate in cyclic vertical motion.

nowość MTS Bobber Paper Target

- vertical target swinger

- can work with paper target or metal plate (same as MTS Swing Plates)

- adjustable speed of movement and rest position

- uses maintenance free polimer bushings

- universal target head (AR500) accepts: paper target brackets, metal plate arms or clay holders

- uses commom MTS Foot Small (AR500), counter weight and metal plate from MTS Swing series, 

- Made in Poland

- kit contsins: MTS Foot, target body, paper target bracket (AR500), MTS Target Tool for assembly and adjustment (attached to target body)


- weight: - tarcza + 1x płytka fi150mm (27.400kg)
- tarcza papierowa (25.000kg)