MTS Bishop
nowość MTS Bishop

• runner type target platform for paper, steel or clay targets

• set contains: cart, start module, braking/stop module

• designed to run on standard steel C-shape beam size C80 (to be bought on your own)

• cart runs on 4 wheels with 2 additional ones for stabilization

• cart is fully protected by 5mm AR500 deflector plate

• cart is compatible with all MTS Swing/Bobber series add-ons like paper target brackets (single and double), metal plate arms (up to 3 at once), clay target arms (up to 3 at once)

• cart is kept in plate by pin and can be triggered in 4 directions

• braking module has hydraulic damper to softly slow down the cart

• optional mount base kit is avaliable to mount C beam using modules and wood beam 7x7cm (easy to cut for lenght and setup for desired slope)