MTS 3x TAC Interactive Steel Alive

We are used to train with shooting timer but it almost never take you beyond your comfort zone. Just put the Steel Alive sensors on MTS plate turn on the app and choose one from the games/drills like Reflex, Battle, Zombie Attack, Killhouse . . . and your Sunday plinking goes into another level. Amazing plinking toy and at the same time sofisticated training system for sportsmen or law enforcement this is Steel Alive fenomen.

Now available as a range ready set paired with MTS targets. 

Product currently unavailable

nowość MTS 3x TAC Interactive Steel Alive

- MTS TAC and Steel Alive combo

- transforms ordinary gong into interactive target 

- MTS TAC with full metal leg is rugged gong style target with 2pc style base and metal AR550 plate hanged on hardened bolt

- Steel Alive is set of hit sensors, LEDs and Master station which paired with smartphone app will create you various game/training scenarios and tell you how you performed

- set contains:

   3x MTS TAC (2pc base, leg with bolt, metal plate AR550)

   Master unit with an antenna

   Target unit x3

   LED x6

   LED Cable 30cm x5

   16 AA batteries

- weight: - FBI Q (95.000kg)
- IDPA (112.000kg)
- IPSC (112.000kg)
- LS (110.000kg)
- mini LS (89.000kg)