MTS TAC Hostage

MTS TAC Hostage is made mainly for training purposes. Allows multiple shot drills without the need for target reseting. Additional plate makes the target even more versatile as it is great to mimic hostage scenarios.

nowość MTS TAC Hostage

- kit contains: stand, leg, target plate, mounting bolt with spring, hostage plate

- target plate and hostage plate made from heat treated AR550 steel

- hostage plate after hit rotates to opposite side of main taget plate

- low profile leg to prevent accidental hit

- standard leg lenght 1500mm

- leg and base made of AR500 steel 
- designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun (lead shot only) shooting
- quick assembly

- Made in Poland

- weight: - a/c IDPA full size + Fi120mm (0.000kg)
- FBI Q + fi160mm (28.000kg)
- IDPA + fi160mm (35.000kg)
- LS + fi160mm (34.000kg)
- mini IDPA + fi120mm (26.000kg)
- mini LS + fi120mm (26.000kg)
- Scarface + fi160mm (0.000kg)