MTS Scaffold Kit 180
nowość MTS Scaffold Kit 180


  • beam, leg brackets and target plate made from heat treated AR550 steel
  • disassembles without any tools for easy transport
  • target plates available in various shapes and sizes as can be seen on photo 3
  • other shapes and sizes available on request please contact us to get quote and delivery time
  • designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun slug shooting
  • kit contains: plate 1pc. (optional), stand 1pc., chain and hook set
  • Made in Poland



frame and chains: 7.4kg

plate according to size: 3.7 - 6.5kg

- weight: - 250x250mm (4.780kg)
- 300x300mm (6.920kg)
- a/c IDPA (5.440kg)
- a/c IDPA full size (11.460kg)
- a/c IPSC (4.760kg)
- fi100mm (0.940kg)
- fi150mm (1.760kg)
- fi200mm (3.020kg)
- fi250mm (3.920kg)
- fi300mm (5.620kg)
- fi400mm (9.840kg)
- IPSC alfa (3.020kg)
- mikro LS (5.200kg)
- mini IPSC (8.420kg)
- Mini LS (11.460kg)
- tylko stojak (16.700kg)