MTS Scaffold Kit
nowość MTS Scaffold Kit

- target stand for gong plates made from AR500 steel will last forever

- otpional target plate made from hardened AR550 steel

- stand height 85cm

- standard 3/4" pipe can mounted on legs to make the stand higher

- can be bought with gong plate

- easy to set up without any tools

- small size makes it suitable to transport even in small car

- designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting

- weight: - 23P/2 (3.680kg)
- 250x250mm (4.780kg)
- 300x300mm (6.920kg)
- a/c mini IDPA (3.000kg)
- fi100mm (0.940kg)
- fi150mm (1.760kg)
- fi200mm (3.020kg)
- fi200mm + fi100mm (3.700kg)
- fi250mm (3.920kg)
- fi300mm (5.620kg)
- fi400mm (9.840kg)
- IDPA ac Full Size (30.000kg)
- IPSC a/c (4.760kg)
- IPSC alfa (3.020kg)
- Mikro LS (5.200kg)
- Mini LS (11.460kg)
- Mini Popper (4.040kg)
- tylko stojak (16.700kg)