<p>MTS Gong is almost perfect rifle target but its usefulness depends on range. At ranges of 200-300m it is hard to detect proper hit. This is where MTS Red is superior as the hit can be easilly detected without additional optics at range of 300-400m. Black flag covers red one. After the hit plate deflects showing red flag to the shoter.</p>

- designed especially for long range rifle shooting

- plate made from hardened AR500 steel is rifle proof

- plate bearing protected against accidental hit

- flags made from polimer sheet are water proof and can stand multiple accidental hits

- very reliable as target do not use chains or belts to suspend the plate

- optionaly MTS Red stand can be used as stand for large gong type target suspended on chains or belts

- simple assembly for easy transport and installation 

- kit contains: plate with bearing, stand, flags

- Made in Poland

- weight: - fi200mm (14.000kg)
- fi300mm (16.000kg)
- fi350mm (17.000kg)
- fi400mm (20.000kg)
- tarcza fi200mm, wys. 140cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi200mm, wys. 180cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi200mm, wys. 80cm (14.000kg)
- tarcza fi300mm, wys. 140cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi300mm, wys. 180cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi300mm, wys. 80cm (16.000kg)
- tarcza fi350mm, wys. 140cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi350mm, wys. 180cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi350mm, wys. 80cm (17.000kg)
- tarcza fi400mm, wys. 140cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi400mm, wys. 180cm (0.000kg)
- tarcza fi400mm, wys. 80cm (20.000kg)