MTS Gong Kit

MTS Gong Kit is the a very useful steel target for outdoor training. Hardened plate swings on two chains gives very clear audible sound when hit. Designed with rifle shooting in mind but works great also with pistol and shotgun slugs (please check minimal safe distances in FAQ). Swinging plate directs all bullet fragments into the ground. Folding frame makes transport very easy.

MTS Gong Kit

- frame and target plate made from heat treated AR550 steel

- easy dissasembly without any tools

- more than 15 target plates available in various shapes and sizes, please refer to 3rd photo

- other shapes and sizes available on request please contact us to get quote and delivery time
- designed for pistol, rifle (223Rem, 7.62x39) and shotgun slug shooting

- inner frame dimension 570x520mm

- kit contains: one plate, one frame with pin, two chains, four hooks

- weight:

frame and chains: 7.4kg

plate according to size: 3.7 - 6.5kg

- weight: - 23P/2 (11.100kg)
- 250x250mm (12.200kg)
- 300x300mm (14.300kg)
- fi100mm (8.340kg)
- fi150mm (9.160kg)
- fi200mm (10.400kg)
- fi200mm + fi100mm (11.100kg)
- fi250mm (11.300kg)
- fi300mm (13.000kg)
- fi400mm (17.250kg)
- IDPA a/c (12.800kg)
- IPSC a/c (12.160kg)
- IPSC alfa (10.420kg)
- Mikro LS (12.600kg)
- Mini Popper (11.440kg)
- tylko stojak (0.000kg)