MTS Drill Target + U.S.T.

MTS Drill is made mainly for training purposes. Allows focus more on training instead of reseting targets.

nowość MTS Drill Target + U.S.T.

- kit contains: UST stand, target plate, mounting head

- target plate made from heat treated AR550 steel
- more than 13 plate shapes are ready available from our warehouse, please refer to 3rd photo

- designed to be used with wooden stick 45x45mm easily available in most construction markets

- leg can be easily cut down to desired lenght

- designed for pistol, rifle (223Rem, 7.62x39) shooting
- quick assembly without any tools

- UST stand with additional MTS UST Holders can be used as paper target stand

- Made in Poland

- weight:

base and head: 4.6kg

plate according to size: 3.6 - 6.5kg

- weight: - 250x250mm (9.400kg)
- 50% FBI Q (10.360kg)
- 600x400mm steel challenge (19.500kg)
- a/c IDPA (10.000kg)
- a/c IDPA full size (15.000kg)
- a/c mini IDPA (7.600kg)
- fi250mm (8.400kg)
- fi300mm (10.050kg)
- IPSC (20.000kg)
- IPSC AC Full Size (12.000kg)
- IPSC alfa (7.450kg)
- mikro LS (9.800kg)
- mini IPSC (11.660kg)
- Mini LS (16.000kg)
- mini popper (8.550kg)
- Mini Scarface (13.000kg)