MTS Semiauto
MTS Semiauto

- electric driven falling down - self setting steel target

- equiped with DAA Steel Setter drive which is powered by 12V battery (not included in set)

- fully loaded 12V 18Ah lead battery should give you around 500 cycles with Classic Popper plate

- electronic controler allows set of delay between fall down and reset from 1 to 999 seconds

- can be controled by wire or wireless device (hardware not included)

- battery and control unit stored in waterproff plastic box (IP65)

- drive unit connected to control unit by 5m cable

- drive unit is protected from unintentional hit by front cover and target plate

- target plate made form AR steel can be used for pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting

- available plate shapes:

Mini Popper Classic

Mini Popper Pepper

Popper Classic

Mini LS torso