MTS Gun Rest
nowość MTS Gun Rest

- folding gun rack

- can take 10 rifles, 5 on each side or up to 22 pistols 11 each side

- height 90cm

- width 72cm

- stock shelf with foam

- upper holder has 5cm slots and will accept all modern sporting rifles, shotguns, precision weapons 

- adjustable heigth of shelf and holder allows use with various rifle lenghts

- can be fitted with wheel set (wheel set available separately)

- rack has 4 eyelets allowing guns to be strapped with provided steel cable

- Made in Poland

- weight: - 1x panel broń długa + 1x panel pistolet (0.000kg)
- 2x panel broń długa (0.000kg)
- 2x panel pistolet (0.000kg)
- 5 + 5 karabinów (20.000kg)
- podstawa na kołach (bez stojaka) (0.000kg)