DAA Smart Grip

or those well-versed in Olympic Air pistol shooting, the quest for the perfect harmony between hand, grip, and sight alignment is a familiar pursuit. The objective is to attain a consistent, repeatable grip, one that effortlessly aligns the sights with the target.

While the universal importance of this is widely acknowledged, the mechanics of achieving the precise adjustment often remain a mystery to many shooters. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to experienced coaches who can provide guidance, and as a result, numerous individuals embark on the journey of crafting and modifying their grips without the necessary understanding, often leading to less-than-ideal results.

SMART GRIP introduces a revolutionary solution to fine-tune the critical dimensions of your grip. This is made possible using six external interchangeable plugs, each available in three distinct sizes. This innovative approach enables both novice and experienced shooters to experiment with these plugs, fine tuning these critical grip dimensions. By simply swapping the three available sizes per plug, even those new to the sport can progressively discover the ideal grip that suits them perfectly.

In addition, the adjustable Beavertail and thumb rest provide further options for customization, while striving towards the perfect grip fit. And two removable weights invite you to experiment with the balance of your pistol to find what works best for you.


nowość DAA Smart Grip

• The main SMART GRIP grip module, with side and bottom cover mounted and screws placed
• The Color Plugs Bag: a ziplock bag containing all external color parts (total of 21 pieces):
• The 3 main plugs: the Front, Back and Top plugs, each in +,0,- sizes
• 3 additional sizing plugs in +,0,- sizes for grip fitment and comfort
• The adjustable Thumb Rest, Beavertail and Support.
• The Adapter Parts Bag: a ziplock bag container all adapters and screws for all pistol type fitment:
• Multiple plastic inserts to adapt for various pistol brands and models (A1, A2, A2L, A3, A4, A5, B, C)
• A large assortment of screws to ensure you have the one you need for every model (M4x40/45/50/90, M5x45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90, large/small washer)
• A steel tilt plate which may be used with some gun types
• A lower wedge and steel angled plate for the screw head mounting point
• The Electronic trigger mounting piece, with mounting screws
• Two steel weights
• User Manuals in English and German
• Custom EVA case, perfect for later use as an accessory box.

• The SMART GRIP is compatible with the following pistols:

Steyr - All Mechanical triggers
Steyr - All Electronic triggers
Feinwerkbau: P8X, P11, P85, P35/40/44
Matchgun MG1
Hammerli AP20 (new and old gen)
Tesro - All models
Walther LP400, LP500
Pardini - All models
Morini CM200EL, CM162MI